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Mark Barbuti has been the managing partner of the Las Vegas Soundtronics Wireless shop for over ten years. Through his leadership, he has expanded the shop from 2 employees to 10 (and we plan to keep expanding that number!) He has grown the inventory of this shop to over double the amount there was when he first became the managing partner. With his vast knowledge of RF and the production industry, you will find nearly all the answers you're looking for in a simple phone call.

Andrea Barbuti has been with the Soundtronics Wireless family for nearly 10 years as our Office/Accounting Manager. She is a wiz at taking care of all our client's billing needs, and making sure our office runs smoothly. She is the face of the office, and is constantly bending over backwards to try to help our clients make their budgets work with the gear they need!

Alexia Caspers has been with the Soundtronics Family since 2019. Having years of managing experience prior to working with Soundtronics, she has brought with her a new light to our shop.

If you have any inventory questions on what we may have on the shelves, reach out, and send her an e-mail!

Chris Eckert has been apart of the Soundtronics Wireless family since 2015 and is one of our strongest mixers and RF techs. He is a hard working team player who everyone loves having on their shows. For every show he's assigned to, he is determined to give his client the best result.

In 2019, Chris was promoted to Lead RF Tech Manager. 

Joey Dixon joined the Soundtronics Wireless family in March of 2018. He worked closely with our former Comms Partner, Jason Waufle, to learn, QC, and tech all comms throughout our shop. As of August 2019, Joey stepped into his role as Comms Manager, eager to dive in. For any questions regarding Comms, reach out to Joey who will be happy to help!

Tim Arden has been apart of the Soundtronics family for over 10 years. With his years of experience, he is dedicated to giving your show the best RF he can. He does RF coordinations with ease, and has an incredible attention to detail giving you the best results!

Matt Zita has been apart of the Soundtronics Wireless family since 2017. Having worked in the shop for two years, as well as working on shows, in 2019 he accepted the promotion to becoming a full time tech. Keep an eye out for him on show site! 

Merak Barbuti has been with the Soundtronics Wireless family since 2016 and is one of our shop technicians who has a passion for networking I.T. work, as well as QC. He is first to step up on gear repairs, and is diligent in his work to ensure every order sent out is in proper working condition. 

Bly is our newest shop tech who just joined the Soundtronics Wireless family in July of 2018. He has a goal of working his way up to becoming a full show tech, and has made a lot of progress already in his short time here. Keep your eye out for him on show sites soon!

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Las Vegas, NV: 702-873-9666

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